How to magane Homepage options?

These section is used to set up home page

  1. Slider Section
  2. Design and Fashion Section
  3. Gallery Section
  4. Latest Article Section
  5. Recent Slider Section
  6. Blog Posts Section
  1. Slider Section

    To configure Slider Section section, you need to go to Admin Panel / Appearance / Customize / Homepage / Slider Section.

    In this panel, you will find these options:

    • Content Type: Select Post to enable this section or Select to Disable option to disable this section.
    • Select Content Type: Select the type of content you want to show.
      • Post:When Post is seleced as the content type of this section then featured image and content are displayed of this Post. And you will see these options.
        • Select Post: Select one of the Post from drop-down lists of Pages.
  2. Note*: You can set all customizer setting of Homepage Options same as above Slider section.

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