How to add Menu

Note:Theme has three menu location provided as Primary, Topbar and Social Menu.

    • Menu Options :

If you already have a Menu then that’s fine otherwise follow the steps:

      1. Go to Menus
      2. Click Create a Menu
      3. Once, you have created the menu, you can further add items to the menu.

    • Another method

To create menu, you need to go to Admin Panel / Appearance / Menu .


You need to create menu from / Customize / Menus / Create Menu .

You can create more menus in similar way. After creating menu, you need to add pages to that menu.

To add pages to the menu, you need to create some pages (For e.g: “About Us” , “Contact”). After creating pages you need to add that pages to the menu.

After you added the pages to the menu set the menu location from / Customize / Menus / Menu Locations /.

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